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This forum is for AVC competitors to ask SparkFun for guidance and clarification in regards to our Autonomous Vehicle Competition.
By radebayo
This is probably a dumb question but does the 100lbs weight limit include the the electronics and automation i.e as the car sits on the track ready to run.
By Pete-O
That is a race-ready vehicle, minus the rider... but...

Maybe that's too low. Seems like you could get to a hundred pounds fairly quickly. Lemme have a conversation with some others...
By tedmeyers
Maybe the 100 pounds doesn't include batteries? A couple of lead-acid batteries would use up a good portion of that limit.

And don't even think about an off the shelf steel go-kart frame.
By Pete-O
OK, we talked it over, and we're going to go with the PRS size restriction, instead of weight. That is 36" wide and 62" long. They also call out no taller than 72", but I don't know what a "banana car" is in this context, so we'll waive that one.