uC based reflow oven controller

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Re: uC based reflow oven controller

Post by JimmyM » Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:59 pm

What ever happened to TechFX?
Their forums are gone. I can't get software updates for my Reflow 2 controller. I've changed PCs and have lost my install CD. So I'm hosed. I've emailed them, but to no avail.

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Re: uC based reflow oven controller

Post by KPierson » Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:21 pm

I'm in the same boat - hard drive crashed and can't find my install CD. Anyone have a spot to download the software?

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Re: uC based reflow oven controller

Post by nuclear_pulse » Mon May 09, 2011 10:26 pm

Hey All, newbie to this forum here,

I'm a bit irritated with the SiHor folks, they pulled several stinkies on me. I bought one of their Reflow controllers, but prior to sale, I chatted with the company (via e-mails) about the technical details, as I needed to write my own application & use my own TFT display for it. They informed me that the SOURCE code, schematics and mechanical drawings would be included on the CD that's shipped with their product, also, that if I really desired it, that the WinXP (dot net C#) application control program would be available for an additional $150. Satisfied with their answers, I bought the controller. In a few days it arrived, nicely boxed with a nicely labeled CDrom which I only briefly reviewed. I fired up the controller, performed a few simple tests to verify that it worked and then returned it to its anti-static bag, where it sat on my shelf for a year. As I am now in that stage of my development project, I pulled out the controller a couple of weeks ago, modified my B&D toaster oven (have photos on my website if anyone is interested?) and constructed a Raco J-box enclosure for the controller & solid-state relay. Got out the CD and looked, --SiHors lied to me, there is no source code, no schematics, no drawings, just a bunch of random hobbiest grade pdf files with randomly organized blah blah and a few bootloader .hex files. (SparkFun is so superior in everything that they do by comparison.) I'm stuck with SiHor's crappy windows app (really bad), or I have to write code from scratch without any guidelines in how to use the SiHor reflow controller. Only thats not the end of the story...

After three heating cycles the controller stopped communicating with Windows. At this juncture, it appears to be bricked. So now I'm the proud owner of one bricked SiHors reflow controller with no schematic and no source code and now the skunks have completely disappeared too. I feel that SiHors seriously tattooed me, its not the cost, for it was not very expensive in Dollar$, but the expendature of time. I'd have bought the SparkFun reflow controller, but it has no code for the intended application.

So here's my question to the community, anyone have the schematic or source code for SiHor's reflow controller (which I've heard is around)? Maybe I can fix it?

Re; the SiHors themselves, they have been non-responsive to my e-mails regarding the situation, I suspect that they were receiving the e-mails ok, as the e-mails did not bounce, I presume that they were in hiding. However, their website, before it disappeared altogether about two weeks ago, stated that they were Re-Organizing, and that they would "return in 2 quarters", a quarter being = ~3 months, which translates as meaning the skunks may reappear in about 6 months. I should have known better to do business with them. When a business has no mailing address listed, no posted phone numbers or posted business license, that they are a fake business. Unlike the gentlefolks of SparkFun, who have always been extremely and completely accessible over the years. And their service and products are excellent too, and well priced. It has always been a pleasure doing business with SparkFun. Thank you SparkFun!!

I appologize to SparkFun about this post. However, in my weak defense, I am 'answering' a related question.

Ad rem...if any one needs the SiHor 'Reflow 3.0' .hex files on the CDr, write me privately and I'll send them to you...



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Re: uC based reflow oven controller

Post by toonarmy2008 » Tue May 31, 2011 4:51 am

What happened to TechFX?

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Re: uC based reflow oven controller

Post by digitallfix » Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:53 pm

Could anyone provide an iso of the original disc that came with the controller as my cd got lost and there is no way downloading it from anywhere.

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Re: uC based reflow oven controller

Post by smgvbest » Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:06 pm

Almost a year after the last post on this subject
I read that they were up to V5 of their software on this forum but as has been pointed out their website is gone
greeted now in Japanese (which I can read a little) but no mention the of the TechFX controller

I have my original CD but would love to get the V5 that was suppose to be release years ago

anyone have it?

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Re: uC based reflow oven controller

Post by physiciennocturne » Fri Apr 04, 2014 2:14 pm

The Circuit Cellar article on the Reflow Oven Controller is no longer available, but I ported the Basic software on the mbed platform (C++).
Here's the link:
http://mbed.org/users/jpelletier/code/R ... ontroller/

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