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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By corvette123
yah its pretty cool for signal gen!

to do the ramp you hookup 2 of them... one send a square to the phase select pin of the AD9834 DDS..... and thats the secret to doing ramps with em :)

yah im using the DDS as the reference clock for the PLL Synth for better resoltion :)

also for signal injection.

so tons of synths in this design hehehe......
By corvette123
but i do concede to get the 400 mhz to 3.5 ghz im using 4 PLL'd VCO's !!! yep that does get a little pricey.

all 4 VCO's have similiar specs and VTUNE voltage ranges.... so it makes it easier to "stamp" out separate band designs since everything is tunable with PLL's / Synths / adjustable BW of source signal etc....

the idea here is completely tunable, and highest accuracy possible.

this design is modular... consisting of 3 PCB's...

1 PCB will have the spectrum analyzer utilizing an RF log amp to put the level in the bins and display on GLCD.

the other 2 PCB's each contain 2 VCO's each to get the full 400 mhz to 3.5 ghz range.

all will be controllabel via the 1st PCB's MCU....

and modular, you can pick what pcb u want and add the others when u want by just changing firmware.

the design is small, 2.5" x 3.5 ".

hopefully will get a pcb done within the next 2 months of the 1st transmitter PCB.

the spectrum analyzer is the hardes one to do.....

an RF mixer with a LO freq, then off to an IF stage which will hold the RF log amp. so sweeping the freq range, then stop to check RF log amp level, then keep on sweeping...... thats how this one will work :) and update accordingly on the GLCD in the appropriate bins.

this is a handheld device.

trying to keep it down to 4 layers... not making it too small.
By corvette123
the new reflow 3.0 pcb's arrived!

heres some pics,

small 1.5" x 1.5"

High Tg pcb's to stand the heat.
terminal blox good too 85 deg C.

will be modifying our current software to work with the new version then it will be for sale!!

will be verified this week.


By corvette123
hit several verification milestones porting the firmware over..

got the 12 bit A2D working.
bootloader is working.

oh yes got a HID bootloader up on it too (but thats for a future software release)

just a few more bugs to fix and this baby will be out!!

he 12 bit A2D is nice! we are using a simple middle algorithm using 3 A2D samples... dont need anything else... the data is very nice.

By corvette123
got a few bugs fixed today....

heres some 12 bit A2D runs!!

this is the 2.5 mS period (best run)


and this is the 5 mS for slower SSR's, will have slower options too (may put that setting in software??...)


very happy with the results!!

12 bit A2D is very accurate...

cant wait to start redoing the windows software, its gonna be a great product with tons of features.

;D ;D
By gussy
So would you advise against installing this new controller into the oven itself, say an infrawave oven? Or is that the purpose of the higher Tg PCB's?
I would really like to be able to put together an all in one setup, so I can just plug in the oven like normal, then hook up a laptop to set the profile. Set and forget. :D

I just looked at your graphs, reflowing a whole board in under 4 minutes?! I need to get onto this oven stuff, hand soldering is too slow!

Let me know when these are available (or if I can get one now and update it when the software is finished) ;)
By corvette123
these high Tg pcb's are good upto 170 deg Celsius and are more durable.

the components are good upto 85 deg celsius including the term blocks...

so the overall rating is 85 deg celsius continuous :)

nope, dont mount it in the oven!! on the side would work however as it can stand the heat that will be xferred.

we are redoing all the software, but these will be availabel for sale hopefully this weekend.

then the software will be available as an update int he future....

easy updating with ICSP or using the HID bootloader.

current firmware:

both of these use an optimized PID algorithm
-fast switching at 2.5 mS
-5 mS switching

future firmware:
-classical PID algorithm for really slow systems.

what you see above is our current windows software which works very well... but yes we are redoing that also and adding tons of features.


By corvette123
and the oven i do recommend in the US is the black and decker infrawave (thats what you see above).

for europe you have less IR options, but there is a 600 watt euro pizza oven available that is detailed in this thread and on our site also....

if you cant do IR, then id recommend the biggest wattage conventional oven possible.
By gussy
I didn't mean mounting it actually in the oven, that's just crazy :P

I meant mounting it inside where the normal controls/nobs for the oven are.

Looking forward to when these are available.
By corvette123
hahahahahah yah that would be crazy :D :D :D

yes, if you take off the circuit board standoffs, and we will have the option to order with no terminal blocks, so it will make for a very slimline solution :)

also options to delete headers and DC power jack.

so it can be as slimline as u want it to be (that would be as tall as the mini USB jack with all those things deleted)

its a very flexible solution for your custom application.
By corvette123
yah it will work in there no worries, as long as u dont exceed the 85 deg celsius rating of the semiconductors.

i wish microchip had an industrial temp rating for this MCU but they dont!!!!
By corvette123
i wasnt able to get Doutzen or any Victoria secrets models to pose.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

maybe next time??


By corvette123
the techFX reflow 3.0 is available in our store now!!!

depending on initial sales, there could be upto a 5 day lead time when stock gets low.

stop on by and buy one now!![/url]
By gussy
Awesome. Looks great. Just a shame its a PIC :p

I an going to check out the stores tomorrow and see if any have the B&D Infrawave ovens, I already have a source for paste.
By corvette123
hehehe :) nah i wont knock atmel, they have some nice things...

we have a big pic codebase so we stick with em.

it is 12 bit ADC btw, which is one of the reasons people may choose atmel in the 1st place??
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