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By wiml
those are pretty neat-looking devices! Newscale's data sheets seem pretty sketchy, though — not much information on how to drive the motors. Maybe they'll give you more information if you commit to buying some, but I always hate dealing with companies like that.
By nordoff
From what I gathered looking at the two motor driver datasheets, I think there's two sets of Phase inputs, and the motor position (or maybe velocity) is changed by shifting the phases relative to each other.
By wiml
That was about what I'd guessed: you drive it a bit like a stepper motor, with two phases at a fixed phase difference, and each cycle moves the actuator a fixed distance forwards or backwards.

But they don't actually say that, or what voltage the drive should be (piezo actuators often need high voltages, and Newscale's motor drive boards have some inductors on 'em that might be step-ups), or what waveform the drive needs to have, the travel per step, etc., etc., etc.

I guess the real answer is, you're expected to buy their driver boards as well, and not worry about the interface between the board and the motor. Unless you're using a billion of the things, in which case your engineering department can talk to their engineering department.
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By NleahciM
I talked to them a while back about these things. I was very interested in them... until they mentioned the price. They're about $500-1000 each. I was asking about quantities of 20.
By inventore123
How can they cost so much? Aren't they meant to move the lens in consumer cameras?
By b2gills
It sounds like they're just starting to get into mass production. So it may be a while before the price comes down.

From what I gather, the propulsion for this is harmonic in nature, i.e. the same way an unbalanced wheel can cause things left on a flat surface to "magically" move around.
By jhwblender
I recently emailed them very interested also, and this is what I received:

"Thank you for your inquiry about our SQUIGGLE(r) motors. We don't sell SQUIGGLE motors as discrete components. We offer the following three options:
1. An integrated M3 Smart Module
An M3 Smart Module (with the SQUIGGLE motor inside) ensures your success by optimizing the entire motion system: motor mounting, drive electronics, position sensors, precision guide mechanisms, microprocessor and firmware. The modules are small, precise and simple to use. Learn more at ... atform.php
To buy an M3 Smart Module developer's kit, visit Digi-Key or Mouser and search for keyword "DK-M3."
If a standard M3 Smart Module does not meet your needs, you can consider a custom development project. The first step is a feasibility study. Download the checklist here: ... tudies.pdf
2. An educational kit
If you just want to see how a SQUIGGLE motor works, you can purchase a demo kit (for demonstration and educational purposes only). Visit Digi-Key or Mouser and search for keyword "DK-RV."
3. A license agreement
For volumes of 100,000 modules per year, we may discuss licensing agreements to include technology transfer of our patented and proprietary micro motion technologies as well as sale of sub-components including SQUIGGLE motors. This process begins with a feasibility study for custom module development. Again, the link is: ... tudies.pdf
I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your next steps."

So, as you can see. They don't sell the motors unfortunately. It would seem you have to pay $14,000 just to even discuss some kind of deal with them. I was super disappointed at this. You could try buying a dev kit, but that costs it seems like $450 ish.