microSD to Standard Size SD Adapter

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microSD to Standard Size SD Adapter

Post by AgroMe » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:03 pm

Hi there!

Idea for a product: microSD to Standard SD Adapter

Would be like putting together products 9419 and 11468

There are some cables out there for about $4-10 but they are too long (48-70 cm) and this probably affects the signal. I hacked a converter using your products 9419 and 11468 and had to shield the cables else it would not work, so I don't trust those "GPS" cables will work very well.

Why is this product important?

There reasonably priced industrial SLC SD Cards (for example Cactus https://www.cactus-tech.com which have 100,000 write cycles lifetime per block!). These SD cards are ideal to expand embedded application that have microSD, but S.M.A.R.T. is not usually available in the microSD format, but it's available in the Cactus full size SD for example.

The adapter could be rigid and simple such as the microSD sniffer 9419, but it would also be cool if it had a flexible shielded cable so the full size SD could be mounted with posts and screws. Maybe you can make both versions like a budget one (rigid PCB like the 9419) or more expensive option with shielded flexible cable. Both should have a mounting hole to avoid the thing from moving.

Anyway I have attached the 9419 + 11468 and works like a charm although without the shielding it doesn't work at all. I used aluminium tape that is used for heat ducting (dryer, furnace, etc.).

Adapter mounted and working as an SD overlay for an Arduino YUN. This Cactus model has S.M.A.R.T. so you can monitor and alarm when the SD is nearing it's lifetime.
Shielded on both sides. Ground wire bent to the back side where there is no glue on the aluminium tape and a peeled portion of the conductor is grounding the shield. Also you can see crossed VCC wire which is sandwiched between 2 layers of shield.
Start of the shielding. Note ground is mapped to CD on the SD end so that wires do not overlap. CD is GND on the SD cards anyway (only for MMC AFAIK). VCC wire crosses so it's connected after the top shielding

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