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Qwiic sensor based on the AS7261 (CIE coordinates)

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:10 pm
by just_Tony
Has anyone asked yet about a possible color sensor product under the SparkX product paradigm that would use the AS7261? The 6-band visual-light and 6-band NIR versions that you carry now are very interesting, and the sibling product that measures along the lines of the human color vision system could be as well. I don't yet have a gauge of how widespread the interest might be, but if I was able to say "X possible interested parties would like to have one", about how large a value of "X" is interesting for a SparkX product? I'd buy one, so X > 0 so far. ;-)

Besides the different stuffing of the board, I realize that associated changes to the example sketches for Arduino would be in order. An adept user could probably accomplish that on their own. Maybe even a custom edit of the firmware might be required too.