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By SimLego
Pardon me if this has already been suggested, and for probably violating every posting conventions here.

I think it's a really, really bad thing that the breakout boards for Arduino don't follow any noticable standards. IMO, the hole configuration should follow a strict standard. Then, Arduino cases for example could be made to host one or more breakout board easily and safely fastened inside the box. No matter if it's a real time clock, a relay, or any other kind of module.

And, better yet, using a grid of multiples of 8mm c/c, holders with LEGO stud compatible interface could be 3D printed to hold the breakout boards to a LEGO baseplate instead of swinging around randomly and threatening to short against the nearest next board.

Yes, as you can see I'm an Arduino fan, so I'm thinking inside the Arduino box. But I see no reason this shouldn't apply to most systems.
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By Ross Robotics
Well, to put it in the simple terms, it's all about the money. To make, let's say a RTC, requires few components but the board would have to be larger thus making it more expensive.

Another thing would be accommodating all the common circuits that people use and trying to make a case for all of them. The case would have holes all over it and wouldn't be considered a case anymore.

It's really not Sparkfun's or any retailer/production center's job to make something work with something else. It's more of a DIY thing. That is how you learn. If you really want a case for your project or a standard pattern on your boards, then look into designing your own boards and grab a 3D printer. Hell, I did. :)
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