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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By robduarte
It would be a huge deal for educators if the Tiny AVR Programmer could be combined with the ISP Pogo Adapter to make a programmer for the LilyTiny. Currently, I have to buy all three parts to allow students to reprogram the boards (which isn't ever possible on the budgets that I have for workshops or courses).

The product I'm imagining would skip the attiny socket on the programmer and replace it with the pogo pins needed to program the LilyTiny. The JST or Molex connectors on the Pogo Adapter would not be needed. Wouldn't need to break out the 6 pin ICSP .. basically a programmer that isn't meant to be flexible and do more than one thing - just a USB programmer for devices that need pogo pins.