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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By isi23
might be another interesting project. that way you could even make motherboards with the cell phone chips so that you can send calls and texts and have access to 3G all from your computer.

But yeah like having the ability to custom make motherboards is so useful. That way you can make multi processor boards and have unlimited supported ram and really play around with the chips you use.

anyhow have fun
By isi23
or have the ability for users like myself to send schematics in for motherboards and then have that motherboard printed out for me.

or Kits.

but yeah again i like tutorials because they help let everyone have a bit of DIY fun, and they will help to increase the range of your business.

also that way everyone can custom build their motherboards.
By isi23
oh yeah if you decide to make this stuff, you will also want to write software for people to design and test their motherboards. that way they can design them and debug them and it saves everyone money.

but your gonna definitely want to have software to test the motherboards before you print. (although its not that technical to make a motherboard work) itll be nice software to have
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By Ross Robotics
Ok, Really not sure why are posting all this, but everything you have stated in this forum is already available. Cell phone ICs on DIY boards, done. Ability to make custom boards and have them delivered to your door, done.

Come on man, do some research before you start throwing out "your" ideas. These posts make you sound like a kid.
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