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By Yoko

The IDAP-LinkTM/M is a very low cost CMSIS-DAP JTAG debug probe with enhanced features. It can do more with it than just debugging. It will appears as a USB disk drive. This allows firmware flashing easily by copying the firmware file over without requiring any special flashing software and work instantly with any operating system. It provides a UART to USB bridge for communication between the target device and the PC. It also provides a regulated 3.3V to directly power the target device without addition power source by taking advantage of the USB power source. These feature turn the target device into mBed enable. It can be used as an ultra low cost solution to production programming. The IDAP firmware is written from scratch with optimization for performance and strictly adhering to ARM specifications. BSP is also provided for the Open Source CMSIS-DAP firmware from version which makes it totally customizable.
  • - Support both SWD & JTAG mode
    - It is just plug & play with most IDE such as Keil, CrosWorks, Eclipse, etc.. Works instantly, no driver to install
    - Onboard 3.3V regulator to power the target device
    - UART to USB bridge for communication between target and PC up to 3 MBaud
    - microSD slot for flash programming without a PC
    - mBed enabled the target device
    - Firmware flashing by drap & drop simply by copying file over in BIN or Intel Hex format