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By soisentinel
So, in my eternal search for a fast machine vision camera, I come across the Omnivision OVM6211 camera. 400x400 black and white at 120FPS down to 100x100 at 380 FPS, large pixels, and the "M" version can be had with pre-integrated lenses. Downside? Omnivision (any ever get a full datasheet out of them?), CSP BGA, and a MIPI interface. Not something I could one-off. Anyone see one of these in the wild?

A separate board could be made to plus into the PCDuino line, a FPGA, or frankly almost any smartphone processor. Or tie it to a MIPI to USB bridge, although I wonder what latency that may have.

On the other end of the spectrum is TI's 3D imagers. ...

While I really like the QVGA model (although the complexity may make it more difficult), the really new 80x60 model is more integrated. Fully documented, easier to deal with soldering, needs an external laser or LED for illumination, plus a standard lens mount. This also looks like it could actually work with a Cortex M3 or M4 processor easily. You could technically tie it to an Arduino, but I'd rather do some data driving with a Cypress PSOC5. Especially at a possible 1000FPS. IT's so new that promised documentation and process calculators are not available on the TI website yet.
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