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By autocet

I'm Jordi and my nick name is autocet, from Barcelona (Spain)

For years I make my personal way of PCB 100x40, based in a quarter of eurocard 100x160. Or half, or three quarters...


My idea is to continue developing as these PCBs
If someone sparkfunman likes the idea, I invite you to use this format to share designs, for free like open hardware and DIY.

These restrictions are:


for assembling with spacers used as power bus



Or this other restrictions:


For batery assembling over cupper bars. (for instance)


I offer a lot of ideas:


from a form associated instrumentation for desktop,


to a crazy way to make a CubeSat,

Since I use this format I have not never thrown away any more pcb

It could be someone interested in going along?

thanks for your answers
By fireworksfun
You did a lot about this, but why is the dimension 40X100, is it cheap or easy to get?
By using more SMD, PCBs are getting smaller and smaller, so you prefer DIP?
By lyndon
I'm guessing he likes working in Eurocard format. It's a good idea: keeps things consistent, but the rackmount enclosures are kinda big.

These days I'm thinking I will start putting my mounting holes spaced for DIN rail adapters.
By autocet
I am inviting normal people to do things so normal.

It is easy to find pcb virgin Eurocard format, but they are too fat. A quarter of 100x160 is enough?
Yes, I believe it, and I do it.

Then, if you do SMD, are you doing normal things for normal people?
Manufacturers have feverish obsession with miniaturization.
Make the mobile so small, that to sell us, will implement them in body?

This is good?

A modular system will always be bigger and more expensive than a dedicated system.

I do experimental electronics. I like. I must design each time the power supply?
How many power supplies I need to design to forget them?
How many types of each electronic function should I do to forget them?

It is cheaper or more economical?
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