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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
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By sparky
We've got some fun stuff up our sleeve - all to be rolled out this summer.

Have you got an idea for something that needs to get added to the site? Post it and let us know!

By Ken
Hi Sparky,

How about a simple experimenter's board with a PIC16F877A (or 18F452) and a Compact Flash Interface- it takes about 17 lines of I/O to implement.

With this you have the basis of many interesting products, MP3 player, telephone answering machine, file reader etc.

By Guest
how about something for educational purposes:

A Variation of the AVR-MT-128, but only single-sided (mountability) and with a SOCKETED processor, if it reaches its end of life, due to excessive amount of reprogramming it. The Processor can range from 16 - 128 (for JTAG). Even the 10K (Flash) / 100K (EEPROM) read/write cycles (e.g. mega16 / mega128) can be done relatively fast, especially in an educational context, where beginners have to use the board ;)

Oh, another thing i almost forgot: Every Pin of the Processor should be available for external connection, not only the unused (maybe with jumpers to choose onboard/external use, like on ... atures.htm)

The last thing on the wishlist for that board is: some 7-segment option.


Another board: Just some 7-segments and a RS232 connector (and a preprogrammed processor to control the 7-segments based on the data it gets via the RS232), so another board can use its connector-pins freely, with only the the RS232 pins needed to control xy 7-segment-displays.

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By sparky
That's a beautiful AVR board. We try to keep the development boards universal so that you can add anything you want. No sense in buying an entire layout if all you are going to use is 30% of it.

By bloody-orc
well if you want to make something a starter paack for lets say for PIC is a good idea. :wink:

It should include : PIC, some kind of a board to program and make some projects on it (blink a led etc.), softwere on cd(s) to program that PIC and some instructions how to do it

and this all in one pacage...

i hope that you got the idea.