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I/O-Module/GPIO for 12-24V - e.g. Breakout Board for iC-JX

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:51 am
by Manfred8214

It's very very hard to find I/O-Modules/GPIO's which works for/with industrial 12-24V, (rather than only 3.3-5V) regardless if you search for use for Arduino/BeagleBone/Raspberry/MinnowBoard/Edison...
There exists a ready to use IC, called "iC-JX from iC-Haus":
but it's a very little SMD hard to connect with the I/O pins or better with SPI of Arduino/BeagleBone/RaspBerry/Edison/...

I would be very glad to buy a Breakout Board for this iC-JX, or better an Arduino Shield, BeagleBone Cape, Edison Block, ...