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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By razrburn
I think it would be great at least for the project I'm working on to see something similar. I've recently came up with my own version, but I'm sure other people are kicking around looking for something similar. I was looking at a daisy chain of 74hc595 shift registers with each pin pumped up with a uln2003 I needed about 40 pins like this. the thru-hole version I made, requires alot of drilling for everything time and more time. I'm sure others in the community might be interested in a compact smd version. leaving them more time to shop sparkfun for all those cool control panel indicators/buttons lol I might as well add a wish that it has holes for stand offs so one can mount it in maybe a nema enclosure? for this job i'm set on waiting on 100 drill bits from china to finish my pcb hopefully I only break half of them by the time i'm done. I saw your other shift register I didnt see any mounting holes. I feel it would be great to see that improved at very least.. :eusa-pray: not many people have pcbs floating around in a case :liar: