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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By mike.kup
Hello to everyone.
Sparkfun have a lot of nice breakout boards, especially for USB/RS232/485, FTDI chips and so on, as well as optical isolation board. But I am really missing something, that would make gallvanically isolated power supply to make for example PC-safe USB/RSxxx converter.
TI makes SN6501 chip and they are also doing an evaluation board with them -, but it is expensive and big and not soldering-friendly.
So how about some brakout board with SN6501 in configuration 5Vdc-to-5Vdc with LDO? There is nothing to invent - schematics and list of parts are allready given.
I personally think, this could come handy for quite some number of people who don't want to make their stuff be damaged.

Thanks for reading and considering things.
By mike.kup
Please, because I am not so experienced in electronics, can anyone tell me, what is the basic difference between the board with SN6501, that I suggested and "DC-DC isolated converter", for example CME0505SC? Because if only efficienty, then forget my break out idea and I will just use those CME0505SC...
Thank you very much.