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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By AlexBDI
Hi everyone!

So i joined today because i need advice on a small personal project :idea: . Unfortunately my knowledge does not cover anything electronics related so i am here asking for you help. What i need is a list of items that are required for my project. My plan is to design it myself with the help of the good oul internet and information i find on forums like here and have it assembled by an external party. I don't really know what to call it so i will describe it and you will probably be able to get a good idea of what i am looking to do. The idea is pretty simple:

First of all it has a screen and i would like it to be something like this: ... 00419.html

I need the gadget to be able to memorise text (up to 10.000 characters) and show the text on the screen. The screen will be controlled by two buttons which will have one function each: scroll up or down on the screen. The board should be able to connect to a laptop device where you will be able to copy notes into the device.

I have come across this project:
The design is available to download together with a list of all the pieces however (and i might be wring here) it seems to be a little to complex for what i need it to do. My idea would maybe be to simplify this design if it can be simplified and as ive mentioned before have someone solder it together.

It should be as small/flat as possible. So any advice on the type of items or materials i should use would be much appreciated. The idea is that this device (circuit board) should be portable. It will most likely by attached/inserted into items of clothing and sports accessories.
All i need is links to websites / threads that can help me with more information and the components required.

Thank You