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By melstav
I think it'd be really awesome if SparkFun were able to carry the BluePacket BPM730 modules. (and possibly their evaluation kits)

Sure, SparkFun already carries the Roving Networks RN-42-HID modules, but what really sets it apart is that the Broadcom BCM2073x chip that it's built around integrates (among other things) an 8x20 keyboard matrix decoder. This means that, if you want to retrofit a keyboard for bluetooth, (like which used one of BluePacket's older, now discontinued modules) all you need is a battery (and the related charging and management stuff) and a carrier/breakout board with on/off and pairing switches, as the linked project demonstrates, and you're good to go. Well, okay. You might have to modify the keymap on the module to reflect how your keyboard is wired.

Here's Broadcom's product page for the BCM20730 - ... s/BCM20730
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By Ross Robotics
I would like to see Sparkfun carry updated BT modules.