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By Myself
The Si5351 is a beautiful family of chips, appropriate for generating all sorts of useful frequencies, particularly the -C variant, which can take an external reference clock.

Trouble is, the package is a bit awkward to work with. A minimal breakout, with some filter caps and maybe pads for input attenuation, would be a sweet way to get started developing something more serious.

Who wants this? SDR folks, for one! Everyone with a cheap RTLSDR has discovered the awful wander of the on-board clock. The '51C is really ideal for taking another stable reference (of whatever frequency is convenient) and synthesizing the 28.8MHz used by the SDR chip.
By flickerfly
Yeah, I'm looking to mess with this with an old Electra Bearcat III to see if I can change frequencies on the fly. It's basically modding it for a touch of SDR. If someone makes a breakout, that'd be awesomely convenient.