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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
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By sparky
Hey All,

Just to give you a snippet into the future : ... on_pad.pdf

We really liked the button interface that we saw at Maker Faire. However, the Monome kids were a bit shocked when we asked how much and how long for 1k pcs of their totally cool 4x4 pad. Their pricing was a bit high (because they were doing shorter runs) and their lead time was rather long (their supplier was really backed up). In the end, they were really more interested in a completed product/device than selling the components. We tip our hats to them and their work - they did a fantastic job (and they're really cool peeps as well).

Their original design used 3mm LEDs. That's good, but we really wanted to be able to use our tri-color LEDs, we needed higher/faster quantities than monome could provide, and we wanted a better price. Thus, Casey whipped up the datasheet above.

The idea is that we'll sell just the silicon rubber pad. The 4x4 matrix is mirrored so cutting it into 4, 2x2s is very simple. The aperatures are >5mm so either a 3mm or 5mm LED will do. The rubber is translucent and we hope to have a demo PCB and plastic frame to sandwich everything together.

Of course this is all vapor ware until the first units arrive. But we are hopeful. Tooling has been paid for, first units should be here by the begining of august. Sorry to whet your pallete early, and it all could blow up in our face and end up with nothing, but we just wanted to let you know, we're working on it ;)