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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By prosys

A request for a new part, the MS5611 pressure sensor is getting lots of following in the RC community for its superior perforance compared to the BMP085, its faster responding, higher accuracy less susceptible to noise and easier to write code to support ... BUT... the only breakouts and suppliers are way the heck over in Europe, It would be great if yoooou's guys would consider getting some of these in from the manufacturer "Measurement Specialties" and putting together a little break out board...

Many thanks,

Erm... thats in the UK ... which is in Europe... to my point that the only breakouts I've found have been in Europe, I got one from Slovenia I think, at least this site is in the UK so the website is easier to navigate :-) I'm not complaining... I'm a UK import to California myself, but the shipping costs ...etc...

Interestingly, the complete breakout including the MS5611 is 12.95 GBP but from the same folks, the MS5611 by itself without the breakout is 13.95GBP, whats that about ?