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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By kd5crs
So I can get a SFE solar panel, and a variety of rechargeable batteries. But if I want a single board that takes the battery and the solar panel and gives out, say, 5V, that doesn't exist as a turn key part. (If it does, please point me at it!)

I would think the solar panel would smart-charge the battery and the battery would power whatever you hook up.

By Joeisi
Well you could just go directly from the solar panel to USB port with one of these and this. If you absolutely want the battery backup, you could do something like this: Plug the Boost Converter with the solar panel as the input, then plug the 5v output into the 5v input on the Power Cell, plug a battery in, and then put the USB-A Female connector linked to above and hook it up to the 5v output on the Power Cell.

So I don't think it is complex enough of an idea to even need a dedicated board. Just put some wires together. I also don't believe the demand is enough to consider, but if I'm wrong I always love a good debate.