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By krellmusician
Has Sparkfun ever considered making a breakout board for any of the Dream series of synth/processor chips? I realize that Keith Williams' AvecSynth will be available soon, and Modern Devices has the Fluxamasynth shield available now, both of which use the SAM2195 synth chip and both of which are in Arduino-compatible shield format.

But how about a breakout board for the SAM2195 in a smaller form factor, something more breadboard-oriented with the capability of being shoehorned into small spaces, as one can do now with the VS1053 and VS1103 breakout boards? The chip has a more extensive MIDI implementation than either of the VS1xxx chips, including effects and software modification of sound parameters.

I'd buy a few such breakout boards if they were available.

Thanks for your time.
By puut

yes I want more MIDI synth breakout boards to.

A breakout board for SAM2195 already exists :
and it seems it sounds better than the VS1xxx chips,
but still it is a fixed wavetable sound set (general midi compatible).

It would be great if sparkfun could make a breakout board where
you can load your own sounds from SD card (for example in soundfont format).
The EMU chip from creative labs is available for OEM.
Why not consider making a board based on that ?