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By adamkumpf
We'd love for SparkFun to make Teagueduino, too!

It's all open source and we've been posting every possible detail along the way. All of the code, schematics, Eagle PCBs, Arduino firmware/project, and bill of materials can be found on the Teagueduino download page:

The KickStarter round of 350 Teagueduino kits are shipping out this week. :) ... sts/148067

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help it happen!

By mattwolfe
Check out the 136lb box of SparkFun parts we got just to make the first round of kits :)


We couldn't have done it without you, SF. Though, we were sad it wasn't red.
By robster
I'd like to just put some noise in here to let sparkfun know I'd be purchasing if they manufactured. for me Arduino is just too complex for my creative mind (I CAN do it, but after seeing the teaguedino programming interface etc I'm sold).

I hope somebody starts making this hardware soon. I've got a prototype I'm dead keen to get started on.

Thank you.

By aglimme
I would love to buy more teagueduino kits. I have one from the kickstarter and my kids and I are having great fun with it, but I'd love to get more of them. Please consider stocking them, thanks!
By cvickery
Computer science college professor here, teaching a new course for non-majors this semester, and would love to use teagueduino kits for my class. I'd place my order right now!

Thanks for listening.