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By Kurtnelle
This might sound silly but would it be ok if sparkfun sold the comparision coin that is seen in the images of most of the devices? This would be helpfull for customers that don't live in the US.
By brainwav
I can sell you a coin like it for $5 plus $8 shipping and handling if you want. or maybe the next time you order from Sparkfun, you can ask them nicely to include a U.S. quarter in the box?

By macegr
Or just use the handy inch and cm measurement scales provided in images of most products (the ones where it would actually matter, or don't have a manufacturer datasheet with dimensions).
By Inopia
Maybe OP can simply print a circle of the correct diameter and use that for reference?
By Polux rsv
Being ready to pay more than 10$ for a 25cents coin, just to compare product sizes, I first thought it was a 1st April joke :mrgreen:
Liencouer wrote:For reference, the coin is the US Quarter.
From the link:

Diameter 24.26 mm (0.955 in)
Thickness 1.75 mm (0.069 in)

By Kurtnelle
Nope not a joke. The banks down here don't trade US coinage; to the only way to get one is to travel to the US and change a dollar :shock: