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By Domenic
Hello: I just recently joined and would like know if I can get some help. I have a program on my PIC and I store data and read it back from the chip and everything is fine but, I would like to store this data on an external EPROM, a cheap one, and still have the ability to read it by looking for it on the external PIC pins. Basically the data which I want to store on the EPROM is its identity, ie. I want to identify the address of that particular EPROM, given that I have 10 or 20 of these EPROMs in different physical locations. I don't know how I can distinguish each one though. :?
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By sparky
This is not too bad of a project. I'm sure you've heard something like I2C in your PIC adventures. This is a two wire protocol that connects the PIC to an external EEPROM. You can pickup 1K or 4K I2C EEPROMs for very cheap from Digikey. You will be able to store anything, including your identity codes on the external chips.