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By avenue33

The Logic Level Converter (sku: BOB-08745) is affordable, easy to implement and reliable.

Presently, dealing with a remote I2C device requires 5 wires: SCL, SDA, GND, 5V, 3.3V.

So something is missing: a built-in regulator to provide the 3.3V low voltage.

With this updated converter with built-in regulator, a remote I2C device will need only 4 wires: SCL, SDA, 5V, GND.

Best regards,
By falingtrea
Frankly, I wouldn't recommend using that level shifter for I2C. The I2C bus is bidirectional and the Sparkfun level shifter is only unidirectional. If you need a I2C level shifter you would be better off to use something like a PCA9517.