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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By jcwoltz
I enjoy using Synapse Wireless RF Engines in my projects. The problem is there isn't a cheap and simple breakout board for them. So I had to make my own. My designs are released under a CC BY-SA license. I am willing to let sparkfun take them, (modify them), and make them. I really think others would like to use the rf engines.

The RF engines can have code uploaded onto them, or they can be used as wireless serial links. (or both)

An image export from eagle:

The eagle files are available at: ... reless-BOB

I would love to see SparkFun make these or a similar breakout board available. If someone wants one right now, I have a few left. Details at: ... -for-sale/
By jcwoltz
So, over a year and a half later, Sparkfun has started carrying two products from Synapse Wireless. This makes me very happy. Also, my PCB designs have grown significantly since one of my first PCBs.

Sparkfun now carries the RF266 and the SM700(on a Sparkfun custom PCB).

Sparkfun customers, check out the RF200. If you need 900 MHz, check out the RF300. If you want to make your own board with somewhat limited range, check out the SM200 (chip antenna only).

Please make a cheap breakout board for the standard RF100/200/300 series. If I could make a suggestion, Please add some stacking headers outside of the RF Engine. Example below (Please only pay attention to RFE Headers, inside headers, headers outside RFE):

The reason for the outside headers is so that addons (mostly made by me, some by others) can be used.
Example board that has outside headers, is not just a simple BOB, and provides Basic features most sleepy mesh users need. (RTC, Temp Sensor, EEPROM for certain situations, RS232 level converter for certain situations.):

Sparkfun: Please consider a basic board.
To those who want to make their own board, all my eagle files (including my lbr) are released under CC BY 3.0

Again, All designs under:

For those interested, This is an addon board. It contains an atmega32u4, uSD socket, indicator leds, and some extra pins broken out. This is useful when you need a little extra power than SNAPpy can provide. This board needs some work if someone was to use it. I have produced them and used them. (Everything I showed in this thread, I have had produced)
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