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Help getting started in IoT please.

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:45 pm
by kingtermite
So...I've been slowly getting the bug to play in the IoT arena more and more the past few years. I'm looking for a good forum and maybe some good tutorial websites.

I'm not a complete noob, I have a degree in computer engineering and have done some custom micocontroller projects back in college. I'm just looking for good resources to help me get started. :ugeek:

Something to help me compare between boards/platforms, finding out what resources are out there, etc....

Can anybody help me with some good pointers?

P.S. This seemed to be the closest thing to a decent and active IoT forum I could find. I was hoping to find a generic IoT forum, not one tied to any particular platform. If there is a more platform independent IoT forum (that is active), please point me to it.