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Hi out there

I'm a Newbee into Arduino and haven't done electronics since the 90's (at the dawn of SMD for home use) Programming skills are from the 90's as well (Basic, Pascal and Z80 assembler)

Short version:
Out of spite and curiosity, I'm wanting to build a smartwatch WITHOUT Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but I need help getting into Arduino and guidance as to what small low power boards/displays/battery would suit my needs.
I do not require touchscreen, button input would suffice (but it would be cool)
I do not require color display (but it would be cool)
E-ink could be a solution, but preferably with at short refresh time
RTC solution is preferred.
Size can be om the obnoxious side for a watch, but not as large as to look ludicrous.

BOY hose are steep demands :roll: But are they too steep?

Long version:
I work as a prisson officer, and new rules has banned me from bringing devices into work, that has wireless capabilities :cry: So I had to ditch my newly acquired smartwatch :x I would LOVE to be able to sync calendars/contacts via USB at home and bring them with me.
I have a friend that can make me a CNC watchcase :D
jremington wrote: Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:49 am Lots of people have done that. Google "arduino wristwatch" or similar for many examples.
Yes, I have done that, ant there truely are some good executions out there, but what I was looking for here, was some guidance into dooing it "my way" The part about not beeing online is the most obvious problem for me.