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By alin09
Hi! I am currently ending my last year of studies at University of Politehnica, Electronics and Telecommunications. For this to happen, I have to build some Arduino based ecosystem containing a few sensors and a way to display the data. My problem is, that I haven't been the best student nor shown 100% of my interest (not proud :oops: ).Anyhow, even doing so, the 3 months of copy-pasting some code in the Arduino IDE and the 3 wire connections we've made wouldn't be enough to fuel this project.

I've already wrote too much so here it goes:

Is there any of you available, for a week or so, to support me in building and successfully compiling this project :?:

I am desperate to finish this college so I can move on into my carrier and life without any more trouble from it.

:!: For your help, financial revenue can be discussed, of course.

Thank you! Very best wishes!
By jremington
These days, many people just buy college degrees. Certainly quick, and might even be cheaper and easier.

sp: "career"