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By infernoprime
These questions have been in the back of my mind for some time and are holding me back from progressing.

Don't get me wrong I still understand most of the components and how they function. But as Number 5 from the movie short circuit says "Need more input".

Anyway these are my questions :

1.How do I know what components will work with each other without problems.

2.If I choose to modify a circuit that has already been made . How do I understand and know what changes of mine will work.
By Valen
1: A general question deserves a general answer: Try, observe, learn. Oh, and RTFM/Datasheet.

2: Before you make changes you should know how the device works on the circuit level in the first place. Learn electronics and dissect each part of the circuit. Then work out how your change makes it behave differently. Again, your question is too general. You can't consider changing something until you have a basic idea of what and why it does something.