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By unexpectedCODE
Hey guys,

we are working on our new project and connected the RedBoard with the RFIDm6e over serial USB connection to a RaspberryPy.
The Problem is that the reader stops reading after about 10 seconds. The m6e is externally power supplied with a Powerbank (5V, 2,4A max) and we are using the "Read" Programmfile from SparkFun.
After reconnecting the usb serial connection it says "Module failed to response, please check wiring" but the wiring is ok.

It would be great if anyone could help us soon ;)
By paulvha
I have connected the shield directly to the USB on the raspberry PI and used the ThingMagic API to read. All worked like a sharm. Given you put the redboard in between, I assume you use softserial to connect to the RFID shield (as that is in the sketch). Try a lower speed like 9600, with setupNano(9600).