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By 52midnight
I have a number of small electric motors and several devices I'd like to couple them to. All have varying shaft diameters and some sort of coupling is required. An easy way to do this is using heat-shrink tubing, but this is something of a kludge.

This must be a common problem, yet I've not come across a common solution.

Any suggestions?
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By Ross Robotics
If you haven't tried yet, I would use Google with search terms like [shaft dia.] and coupler [ing]. Other than that, you could try some 3D printing sites and have them ship it to you. I do have the equipment here to design and print some if your interested.
By lyndon
Most of the time, shafts are not rigidly coupled together. The reason is that alignment becomes extremely critical and the assembly is more sensitive to vibration.
It's more common to couple them through gears, belts, or various flexible couplings.
By 52midnight
Thanks to all. Yes, rigid coupling is always a problem unless it's within a unit mechanical assembly. One instance of particular interest to me is coupling different e-motors (rather than glo and diesel) to common airscrews - sc. propellers - as used in RC model aircraft, although these days quadcopter drones are probably the volume sellers.

Say I want to try driving a selection of props with a varied selection of e-motors, what's the easiest way to go about it?