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By petert88
Hi. I am a writer and need a little bit of very basic help.
My scene is an electronics novice trying to assemble a kitset device and has fitted a component (component A) in the wrong place (place for component B). Later in the assembling process the instructions will be "fit component A in place A". The character then complains the kit is faulty - claiming there is no component A and the kitset incorrectly has an unwanted component B.

I would like help in naming two components (capacitors, resisters, anything) that could be installed into the wrong place. Physically similar size, almost similar markings, so the novice can make the mistake. It could be two of the same type of component, but with different specifications.

The kitset device is a beginner level. It doesn't have any purpose in the book apart from giving the store attendant the opportunity to deal with a totally unreasonable customer, and the components should be things commonly included in entry level kits.

Thanks, I will really appreciate you suggestions.
By theropod
Maybe switching places of a small blocking diode with a zenner? Without reading the numbers it can be almost impossible to tell small versions apart.