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By comforter
Hello guys,

I'm just new here. My name is Jim by the way. Great community you have here by the way.
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By Ross Robotics
Hey Comforter, welcome to the forum! Let us know if you have any questions.
By comforter
Thanks guys for the warm welcome. I truly appreciate it....
By comforter
teprojects1 wrote:
comforter wrote:Thanks guys for the warm welcome. I truly appreciate it....

It's our pleasure buddy :)
Thank you a lot! :dance:
By comforter
What do you mean teprojects1 ?
By teprojects1
comforter wrote:What do you mean teprojects1 ?
I mean what is your education and are you an engineer if yes then are you doing job or your own business and what is your major interest in business like I'm interested in Robotics.
By rachelstinson07
Hey Jim,
Welcome to this forum, hope you would have a good time.
What do you do and whats you education ?
By davidjackson
Hi everyone, I am a production engineer. Nice to meet you all. I want to take part in <a href="">Circuit Board Assembly</a> discussion to enhance my knowledge.
By will-notwill
I'm a newb too! My name's Will and so far I've been enjoying the forums. Thanks for having me :)
By comforter
Thanks again for the welcome.
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