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By I.B.Hating
Hi everyone,

I wanted to post and let you all know that my team at NI and I just opened up a free Beta of our browser-based circuit simulator. I use it quite a bit for quick design validation so if you all are designing LED drivers or want to try to build a power supply for your mobile Arduino project, give it a shot.

The site is meant to be an interactive simulator for validation and also a collaborative site where elements of designs can be easily shared. We're in Beta now so I've made the site free. You can just click Try Premium button when registering at The only thing I ask in exchange is you give me any feedback you've got.

NI Product Manager
Readers of the SF forum should be aware that LTSpice is the same basic software, with enhancements for fast simulation of switching power supply behavior.

The full featured version is free to download, easy to use, and it works very well. There is an active user forum for help and a large library of device definitions.