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I have started your mechanical drawings, but I am having all sorts of issues with the provided details on some of your components. If it wouldn't be too much trouble please go through them and find the dimensions of the exact parts you want to use. The caps, for example, have a rather cryptic look up table that doesn't make sense to me. When you have all that figured out you can private message them to me here, or email the list to Thanks.

Oh, the local Humane Society took the pups and they are on their way to Colorado to waiting homes.
Thanks theropod. I'll work on that this weekend, probably on sunday as I will be of of town this afternoon thru Sunday morning.

What are your thoughts on the battery discussion earlier in the thread? I have started to look for a 123a cell and charging ic.2
I wouldn't be able to offer an opinion about the battery as I am as ignorant as a stump about anything other than the lead-acid variety. That knowledge comes from depending on them continuously for 16 years.

I have already started a file with the mounting standoff holes, and a simple set of traces, but until I can make sure I know the dimensions of the components I would be wasting both our time to push further. Having spent about 20 years in the screen printing industry I am confident we can get this right with just a few iterations. It shouldn't take too long to produce some proof files once we get that data, and I am at your disposal.
Oh, I have no skin in the game. I was just wondering from the beginning how Illustrator was going to get it all done, but from the outside it just looks painful. It's doable: after all, in the old days we used black tape and mylar,

In any event, schematic capture/PCB layout is work as far as I'm concerned.