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Hello, all. First of all, I apologize for that I may place the question at the wrong place.
second, I want to get some tips on choosing resistors.

I have already known that resistors are two-terminal components used for limiting current, voltage division, and timing applications. Resistors complement ‘active’ components like op-amps, micro-controllers, or integrated circuits for variety of operations like biasing, filtering, and pulling up I/O lines. Variable resistors can be used to change the properties of a circuit. Current sensing resistors are used to measure the current in a circuit. The unit of resistance is Ohms (Ω).

Can anyone give me some advice on choosing resistors? How about this one?
That is a very broad question and it's akin to asking what kind of shoes should you wear. As you've probably already observed, there are hundreds of combinations that they come in and just like shoes, there's no one-size-fits-all option. A voltage divider resistor is going to be different from a pull-up resistor which is likely going to be different from a current limiting resistor. What type of circuitry are trying to build?