Over Volt Xtreme Scooter eBike

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Over Volt Xtreme Scooter eBike

Post by jhill110 » Wed May 04, 2016 1:35 pm

Greetings all, first time poster.

I recently was given an xTreme XB 508 ebike .It runs on 4 12v 12ah (=48v) batteries powering a 550 watt brushless motor. I would like to add another 12v 12ah in series to increase the voltage to 60v for a little more speed. I have been around some forums that discuss such things but there is a lot of conflicting info. I was told this is where the experts are... So here I ask.

From what I gather there is not much of a problem doing this but I have to be sure the capacitors and mosfet's in the controller can handle the voltage. Any advice would be very helpful.

I would also like to install a switch system so I don't have to change the wiring around to charge the batteries with it's 48v charger and a 12v for the 5th battery. The 5th battery will be housed in the "trunk" of the bike not in the battery compartment. I don't have the knowledge to install what is probably an easy solution for the switch setup.

TIA for any wisdom on this.

James Hill

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