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By elbowrust
Hi all!
I have a stock pile of stepper motors which we normally throw away. I'm wondering if I could use these for a CNC application. Probably overkill but thought I would get your opinions.
Amatek HS 200 2231 0300
Max V 75
Rated phase current 3A
Holding torque 231 oz-in bipolar
1.8° step angle
NEMA 23 mounting config.

Any help would be appreciated.
By jremington
There aren't any hobby-type stepping motor controllers capable of the full 3A/phase, but if reduced torque will do, the Pololu DRV8825 board will handle 1.5 amps/phase without additional cooling. Be sure to follow instructions for setting the current limit.
By elbowrust
I don't need that much torque. They will be running the x and y axis on a laser engraver so there will be minimal resistance. Can I run these steppers at 15v .5A and still get the necessary speed and precision?