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By neuperg
Team 0x27 (winners of 2012 AVC) built one of the underwater ROV's for the motion picture Spare Parts. It plays the Cornell University ROV. A couple 0x27 members operated the ROV for the film. A number of SparkFun items in the ROV. Arduinos, power supplies, FET's, headers, display, jumper wires etc. Film releases Jan. 16 2015.

Based on a true story reported in Wired magazine in 2004 as La Vida Robot. Great underdog story. Terrific Cast.

The director and producers insisted on maximal realism for the film and demanded functional ROV's. The Cornell ROV has 5 degrees of freedom, a grabber and a couple button controlled functions. it was operated on set by 2 of the Team 0x27 members. It did all of its own stunts.

Here is the trailer for the film as well as an interview sequence. Use pause. The Cornell ROV appears for a moment (same view) at 0:32 in first 2 sequences.

appears at 0:18 (different view)

Theater listing ... stcount=35

Cast at Premiere and other premiere pis including the ROV's as well as some of the 0x27 team members.

Fabrication pics including time lapse of frame build for an ROV: ... 3.JPG?dl=0

A more detailed write-up on the design/build is here. ... stcount=62

FRC 842
FRC 39
FTC 4314
Team 0x27
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Even thoughUnderwater Dreams is a Documentary, the interviews with the students, teachers as wells as friends and family are very moving. They interview the MIT team that lost as well. The competition was pretty tough but even tougher were the conditions under which some of these students lived at the time. You can get it on amazon, stream at Vimeo or itunes. Really well done film.