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General project discussion area - What have you built with your Micro View

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By Schema
I've been working on a couple of MicroView-based projects (details soon) and I notice that the "standard" 8-pin header socket is quite high. So the MicroView sits up rather comically high on my boards :wink:

This the one I've been using, seems to be the same as the one on the MicroView USB programmer itself:

The MicroView has pretty long pins, but it looks like there are a few extra mm of unnecessary height in the sockets.

Has anyone found a shorter version?
By scotta
If it's not for a large production run, you could probably just cut a standard 16 pin plastic IC socket in half. You would want the side-wipe type, not round pin machined. An open frame one would be easier to cut. ... -ND/821746

With a socket like this, you could even cut the MicroView's pins shorter, to get it even lower.