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By gpsklaus
i am a little bit irritated about possible supply voltage range of MicroView. Techn. Data are saying: 3,3-16V. Circuit diagram is showing two voltage regulators. One is for 3,3V-Out and the other one for 5V-Out. According to belonging datasheets, dropout voltages for both regulators should be in range of about 300mV. So minimum supply voltage must be around at least 5.3V! So what 's true?

BTW: 'Uin' in circuit diagram is named: 6-12V.

By Help@GeekAmmo
Hi Klaus,

In paper (according to datasheet), what you have stated there is 100% correct.

In our Kickstarer page here ... in-oled-di

We have stated

"Note: 6-16VDC is the manufacturer's recommendation for a stable 5V 16Mhz operation. Voltages below 6VDC are for hackers that wish to drive the ATmega328P and LDO beyond the datasheet's limit."

Practically (meaning working beyond the datasheet specs), we actually tested the MicroView to work from 3.3VDC.

By awardblvr
If I want to use a LiPo battery, should I connect it directly to the Vout, (Leaving Vin N.C.)?

How much current does the device itself draw with some OLED activity?

Does the display behave badly at the lower voltage offered by the LiPo? (What exactly will the appearance difference be?)
By scotta
awardblvr wrote:If I want to use a LiPo battery, should I connect it directly to the Vout, (Leaving Vin N.C.)?
If your supply voltage is 5V or lower, connect to the +5V pin 15. (There is no Vout pin but I guess you're referring to Vout of the on board 5V regulator, which is the +5V pin.)

If your supply voltage is greater than 5V, connect to the Vin pin 16 for on board regulation.