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By LafrancR

Just wondering if it's possible to re-display the logo that's built into MicroView.cpp (eg: the SparkFun logo or whatever else it gets tweaked to) after the screen has been used to display sensor data, etc. I imagine a project having a button that displays an 'About' dialog, and maybe re-displaying the built-in logo briefly before putting up some text.

I know that I can write my own bitmaps inside the sketch, and have done so on occasion, but sometimes need to give it up to conserve memory. Since (I assume) the bitmap inside MicroView.cpp is always there, I was curious if it can be re-accessed somehow. And besides, that'd just be cool to do! Thanks!

By scotta
Unfortunately, the logo is provided as initialisation data for the screenmemory[] array that buffers the screen data in RAM. Once this logo data is overwritten by your own display data, it's lost. The logo data is still somewhere in program memory, but I can't think of a way to access it.
By LafrancR
@scotta - Thanks for taking the time to reply, and sorry for the tardy response (kitchen reno in progress). Your response makes sense.