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By ling1995
Good afternoon~all,thanks for reading my post.

I am a student majoring in electronics. Recently I am involved in a project of using PIC16F887.(this is its datasheet: ... 977607.pdf )to capture the speed of machine. Unfortunately,The value is so unclear when there it’s lower that 31Hz. On the contrary,it’s normal if it’s higher that 31Hz. After that,I use lcd and pwm to try to solve this problems,it still doesn’t give the right value. Any body here can help me to analyze the troubles?
This is my main program:
The capture value:

Thank you in advance!
By Valen
Screenshots of code are hard to copy-paste into an IDE program to make a test program. Or are you suggesting we could hand-transcribe it?

Please post ALL the code in text form. In between
Code: Select all
 [/ code] tags to reduce the length of your post and make it better readable.

That aside, I don't understand what kind of speed you are measuring.