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By andrew.nottage

Just received my new MicroView (MV). I stuck MV in USB Programmer it came bundled with, then inserted programmer into laptop's USB slot. Demo played and I started uploading sketches. I tried both Arduino IDE and Codebender. I noticed that the screen stopped coming on all the time. it was sporadic at first and now the screen won't come on at all.

I tried CodeBender's test program. MVis not faulty per its analysis. Tried hooking up an LED and blinking it as per MV tutorial. Seems that circuits work (i.e. LED blinks), code compiles, uploads, and the USB programmer writes sketches to the MV. But the screen won't turn on.

Did some research and I wonder if it's the bootloader. But like I said, code compiles (no error messages), uploads (IDEs return no errors and programmer shows communication with MV), and runs (LED blinks). How can I fix my screen?
By andrew.nottage
I made a simple LED blinker circuit and wrote a program to blink the LED on and off while trying to display "Hello!" on the MicroView screen. The program compiled and uploaded successfully. The LED blinks but the screen stays dark. Defnitely not a bootloader problem.

I do notice that once in a while, the screen will turn on but then turn off. Please help. Do I have a faulty screen or driver or something?