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By lander72
Hello all,

I would like to be able to use my Microview with BASCOM but that requires using the arduino drivers.
When I try to update the driver, using the uno for example, bad things happen to my XP machine.
It resets my XP machine every time I plug in the Microview with the Programmer.

Does anyone know which arduino driver can be used instead of being setup as a Virtual Com Port ?

Regards Larry
By lander72
Thanks for the reply. I was hopeful that there was a possibility to use the Uno driver;
By Help@GeekAmmo
May I know if you are facing any constraint that is preventing you from using a virtual com port?

As far as I know, most Arduinos are using virtual com port including uno. Uno is using ATmega8 or 16 to act as a virtual com port.