USB Device Not Recognized

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USB Device Not Recognized

Post by jbesiga » Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:45 am

i have been used microview without problems. I have tested several programs and all ok.

But now when i connect microview to usb port i get this message "USB Device Not Recognized"

I have tested all the usb ports of my computer (with xp) and the problem is the same.

In other computer with windows 7 works perfectly.

I have reinstalled the drivers, desactivated the usb ports but the problem continue.

Any idea?

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Re: USB Device Not Recognized

Post by Help@GeekAmmo » Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:07 pm

Hi jbesiga,

Looks like your FTDI driver for XP is corrupted or bad. (Assuming that your other USB devices work for this XP system)

0) With MicroView USB programmer plugged into the XP's USB port

1) Try the CDM Uninstaller 1.4 - Windows Device Driver Uninstaller from here

2) Extract and run the GUI app.

3) Enter 0403 at Vendor ID field and 6015 at Product ID field, click add, then Remove Devices.

4) Unplug the MicroView USB programmer.

5) Download the latest driver from ... tified.exe

6) Install driver and then plug in the MicroView USB programm to the USB port.

Hope this helps


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