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By Help@GeekAmmo
Hi mate,

If you look at this MicroView Pinout, MicroView support INT0 and INT1 and also Pin Change Interrupts.

Basically just treat MicroView as an Uno with less Pins, any pin that is exposed will have the same behavior as Arduino Uno.

Hope this helps.

By bradleybossard
Ah, OK, that does help, thanks so much. I've just been working through a number of Arduino projects and code examples, and came across some with interrupts, which look useful for my RGB encoder dial, but from the things I read, it seems like that functionality is generally only supported on certain pins, and with all the different Arduinos out there, you can't make assumptions from one model to the other.

The MicroView documentation seems to kind of make the assumption that the user already has some Arduino experience (for instance, the pin out labels those pins INT0 and INT1, but never really says anything beyond that). Thanks so much for clearing that up, I'll take a look over the Uno documentation.